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Our 5 Year Plan

Goal 1: The library will serve as the center of community information

Objective 1: A Jackson County Library staff person from each branch will be appointed the liaison to local organizations.

A. Initial contact will be made with all service organizations, agencies, local governments to determine basic meeting information.

B. Monthly contact will be made with local service, eduational, agencies, and governmental organizations for updated information concerning events.

C. A staff person or volunteer will check the weekly newspapers for upcoming events.

Objective 2: The Jackson County Public Library website will be recontructed to include a community event calendar

A. A staff member, working with the library liaisons, will be trained to make the necessary technical changes/additions to the community calendar.

Objective 3: The library will purchase a display unit(s), to be placed in the foyer of each branch, for announcements, flyers, programs, etc.

A. Search catalogs for available display styles

B. A recommendation will be made to the director

C. The display unit(s) will be purchased and placed in the foyer of each branch.


A. Keep an accurate accounting of all contact made

B. Keep an accurate accounting of number of contacts to the library with information to be posted.

C. Keep an accurate accounting of how often the display unit needs refilled.

D. Track the number of hits to the website

E. Contact organizations periodically to see if their attendance for events has increased.

F. Contact organizations to get input as to how to make the library more accessible and used by them.

Goal 2: The library will be a site for community events and a forum for discussion

Objective 1: The library will construct meeting room additions

A. Meet with architect and approve a plan that will include one large meeting room and one smaller meeting room at the main branch and an additional small meeting room at the Ravenswood Branch

B. Using librayr levy funds, construction will be completed by the fall of 2009

Objective 2: A policy for using the public meeting room will be designed and approved by the Board of Trustees.

A. The director will contact othe libraries for examples of meeting room policy.

B. Two members of the Board of Trustees, along with the library director, will formulate a proposed policy to present to the full Board of Trustees.

C. The Board of Trustees will adopt a meeting room policy.

Objective 3: The meeting room availability will be publicized

A. Articles will be placed in the local newspapers, the library's newsletter, on the library's website, and through e-mail contact from the library liaison with local agencies, service organizations, etc.

B. A grand opening will be held to publicize the new additions to the library.


A. Year 1 Goal:

1. To increase by five (5) the number of groups using the library weekly for meetings

2. To increase by five (3) the number of groups using the library for monthly meetings.

3. To increase by 10% the special events held at the library.

B. Following Years Goals:

1. To increase by 1 (one) the number of groups using the library for weekly meetings.

2. To increase by 1 (one) the number of groups using the library for monthly meetings.

3. To increase by 20% the special events held at the library.

Goal 3: The library will enhance the collection for the betterment of the entire community, with an emphasis on the underserved population of young adult and home school students.

Objective 1: The young adult collection at both branches will be weeded.

Objective 2: Materials to enhance the YA collection will be purchased.

A. A teen advisory board will be established at each branch to suggest materials, help look at review sources, and to give input/suggestions for teen and YA programming.

B. Staff, including YA librarian and branch manager, will be trained to use selection tools, such as YALSA, TeenLink, School Library Journal, Library Journal, and Booklist to help choose materials.

Objective 3: Materials to supplement the home school teaching curriculum will be purchased.

A. A home school advisory board will be established at each branch for suggestions on materials needed for curriculum support.

Objective 4: Materials purchased will be cataloged and added to the collection.

A. A minimum of two staff members will be trained to catalog materials to MLN and MARC standards.

B. By the end of 2009, the backlog of materials will be cataloged.

C. All new materials purchased, including but not limited to YA and home school materials, will be cataloged in a timely manner.

D. A minimum of one day a week per staff person will be dedicated to cataloging materials after backlog of materials is addressed.

E. Volunteers will be sought to process the materials in a timely manner.

Objective 5: Promote new materials for young adult and home school teachers and students, along with othe rnew materials for the general public.

A. Devote an area of the library, with seating, for young adults.

B. New materials will be displayed, on a regular basis, in an eye-catching manner.

C. Materials focusing on home school curriculum will be displayed

D. New materials for the general public will be displayed in an attractive manner.


A. Advisory boards will meet on a regular basis for suggestions and evaluation.

B. Circulation of YA and home school materials wil increase by 20% the first year and 10% for each successive year.

C. General circulation will increase by 10% each year

D. Keep track of the number of times displays need refilled

E. Backlog of cataloging is completed.

F. Materials are cataloged and processed within a month of arrival.



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Ripley (Main Office)

208 North Church Street
Ripley, WV 25271

Phone (304) 372-5343
Fax (304) 372-7935

Ravenswood (Branch)

323 Virginia Street
Ravenswood, WV 26164

Phone (304) 273-5343
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