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Since its Board formation in 1949, the Jackson County Public Library has grown from a small volunteer effort (supported by donations) to circulation 1550 books, to a board supervised organization with two locations to serve Jackson County. The main library is located in Ripley, West Virginia and its branch location is located in Ravenswood, West Virginia. Together, they now provide access to more than 50,000 literary, audio visual and electronic materials, free of charge. Access to educational, historical and cultural programming for all ages is also provided at no cost.

After the library board received its first twenty percent funding from the county government in 1967, it began planning for larger space to expand the collection and offer rogramming to the public. Once new, larger buildings in Ravenswood and Ripley were completed with this money, a professional librarian was hired to organize a Library of Congress cataloguing system and operating policies and procedures. With the hlep of proviate donations, work to expand the library's collection then moved forward with the addition of more reading and audio-visual materials, including the beginning of a historical reference and document collection and an interlibrary loan network to provide patrons access to books in other libraries throughout the state. The first programs for the community also began to take place. A story hour for children was started and information sessions for county teachers were made available as well. With donations and monetary support from the local school system and the state library commission, this programming expanded into a summer reading program that currently attracts more than four hundred 4 to 12 year old children every year at both locations, and provides book delivery to 5 county elementary schools, which do not have on-campus libraries.

The addition of excess levy funding made available through the county commission in 2004 and yearly grant money from local business civic groups, and private foundations have allowed the library the ability to open community rooms in both locations which provide no-cost meeting and exhibit space for more than 20 county clubs and public service organizations. This funding has also enabled the library to offer 5 persoal computers in each location, with internet access, a variety of software (desktop publishing, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs) and hardware (scanner, laser printer, CD burners). Copying and faxing services are also available in both locations for a small per-page fee. In addition, these monies, along with library levy funds, have provided the library the ability to offer informational programs throughout the year for the education and enrichment of the patrons it serves.




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Ripley (Main Office)

208 North Church Street
Ripley, WV 25271

Phone (304) 372-5343
Fax (304) 372-7935

Ravenswood (Branch)

323 Virginia Street
Ravenswood, WV 26164

Phone (304) 273-5343
Fax (304) 273-5395