Circulation Procedures

  • The standard loan period for materials is three (3) weeks with two (2) renewals allowed.
  • The fines for these items are 10¢ per day with no maximum fine. Items that are loaned for seven (7) days (i.e. certain WV materials, DVDs, videos) have fines of 25¢ per day with no maximum fine. (Amended November, 2003)
  • Equipment, such as projectors, shall have a seven (7) day circulation. Fines are $1.00 per day with no maximum fine.
  • With our small collection, it is a disservice to other patrons to allow one person to keep many items for an extended time. Normally, no more than five (5) items may be renewed. If another patron has placed a hold on material, that item may not be renewed.
  • Patrons may request that items be placed on hold for them. When an item on hold is returned, that patron will be notified by phone. If the material is not picked up within seven (7) days, the next person with a hold will be notified. If no other patron has placed a hold, the item will be placed back on the shelf and be available for circulation. Items placed on hold, which normally check out for seven (7) days, must be picked up within three (3) days of notification.
  • Interlibrary loans are transactions in which library materials belonging to other libraries are made available to our patrons. This is a privilege encouraged by the West Virginia Library Commission, but it is not to be abused. Renewal requests must be made early enough to reach the lending Library before the due date. The patron is required to pay the cost of shipping the interlibrary loan items back to the lending Library. The shipping cost must be paid before the item will be allowed to be picked up by the patron.
  • Library materials will only be checked out to the person listed on a library card account. Staff will not check out materials on an account where the account owner is not personally present. Parents may not check out materials on their children’s card without the child being present. Account information will not be given out to anyone except the account holder, with the exception of a parent asking about a child’s card in relation to fines and items checked out already. (Adopted 3/19/2015)
  • The Library Board of Trustees may exclude from the use of the Library any person who willfully and persistently violates the rules and regulations prescribed for the use of materials and facilities. See the attached “Willful Retention Act” (WV Code 10-1-11)
  • Residents of other states may apply for a card by filling out a registration card, providing proof of current address as stated above, and paying a one-time fee of $5.00. The fee is set to represent an amount similar to the local and state level of tax support for the Library.
  • Jackson County Library reserves the right to limit the number of items available for check-out to patrons who are non-residents of Jackson County, West Virginia.
  • First time patrons of Jackson County Library may borrow up to five (5) items, with no more than two (2) of those items being videos, dvds, or audiobooks. If the items are returned without being overdue, the patron may then check up to 20 items out, of which 10 may be any of the following: videos, dvds, or audiobooks. Children under 16 may not check out R-rated videos or dvds. Staff, Jackson County teachers, and home school parents may check out a maximum of 50 items.
  • No fines will be charged to staff, home school parents, or Jackson County teachers.

Borrowing Privileges

  • All residents of Jackson County are eligible to use Library materials.
  • After filling out a registration form, the patron will be permitted to check out Library materials.
  • Staff may ask for proof of address.
  • Proof of current address is required by anyone 16 or over.
  • Jackson County Library will accept the following as proof of current address:
    1. Driver’s license or state photo ID
  • Jackson County Library will accept any 2 of the following in place of the driver’s license or state photo ID but must show current address:
    1. Cancelled mail
    2. Birth certificate
    3. Social security card
    4. Military ID
    5. Voter registration
    6. Checkbook
    7. Passport
  • Children under the age of 16 need a parent or guardian’s name and address on the registration card. Parents/guardians of children under the age of 16 must be present to sign, give proof of address, and permission for the child to have a Jackson County Library card.
  • The Jackson County Public Library honors the West Virginia statewide borrower’s card privileges. Residents of other West Virginia counties may apply for local service by filling out a registration form and showing proof of address as listed above. As a member of the Mountain Library Network, the Jackson County Public Library will honor any Library card issued by other Libraries in the Network.
  • The Members of the Mountain Library Network as of May 2004:
    Alderson Boone Calhoun
    Craft Memorial Craigsville Dora B. Woodward (Wirt)
    Fayette Greenbrier Jackson
    Mason McDowell Monroe
    Parkersburg & Wood Co. Peterstown Pleasants
    Pocahontas Rainelle Raleigh
    Richwood Ritchie Roane
    Ronceverte Rupert Summers
    Summersville Vienna White Sulphur Springs
    Wyoming GVC Campus/Bluefield College Hardway Lib./Bluefield College
    Concord College Library Sherman High School