Internet Policy

Public access computers and wireless service in this library are hosted on the State Library Network (SLN). The SLN is supported with State and Federal funds and is subject to policies, procedures, and standards, including filtering and monitoring, required by the funding authorities. Misuse of library computers by employees or the public may lead to disciplinary action and/or prosecution. JCPL’s Internet Use Policy is as follows:

By reading this form, you are agreeing to abide by the rules of the library concerning internet access. Failure to abide by this policy may result in disciplinary action, including the loss of internet privileges for a length of time determined by the library staff.

  1. Residents of Jackson County are provided access to library computers through possession of a JCPL card. Out of state visitors will be given a guest pass.
  2. Patrons may only log into computers using their own library card. The use of another individual’s library card will result in immediate blockage of privileges for twenty-four (24) hours on first offense, one (1) week for second offense, and one (1) month for third offense. Any offense after that will result in a permanent loss of Internet privileges, or, until Director deems fit. (Adopted 1/15/2015)
  3. Circulation staff may re-assign internet computers based on availability.
  4. Overdue items or fines may prevent a patron from using the internet computers.
  5. Normally, only one person may use each computer at a time.
  6. Patrons are granted a one and a half hour session under normal circumstances, if that does not conflict with the library’s closing time. Time may be adjusted at the discretion of staff.
  7. Printing from the computer is 10¢ for black and white, and 25¢ for color, per page. The user agrees to abide by fair use and copyright laws when printing from library computers.
  8. Minors may only use the internet computers upon the library’s receipt of an Internet Use Agreement form signed by the minor and a parent or legal guardian. The library is not responsible for information accessed by minors via the internet, and encourages parental involvement and supervision.
  9. No illegal, unethical, or inappropriate use of the computers or internet will be tolerated. All patrons are prohibited from accessing materials considered to be obscene* or any graphic child pornography*. All patrons are prohibited from accessing any materials considered harmful to minors*. JCPL adheres to the Children’s Internet Protection Act of 2000 and to any filtering requirements and guidelines set forth by federal or state law and the West Virginia Library Commission.
    ADULTS/MINORS are warned not to give personal information via the internet.

*Definitions for obscene, child pornography and material harmful to minors may be found in USCA Title 18, section 1460 & 2256 and the West Virginia Code 61-8A-1.