Guideline for Use of Meeting Rooms

(Modified and Adopted 4/16/15, 9/24/15)

The Meeting rooms of the Jackson County Library (JCPL) will be used primarily for the programs of the Library. As a service of the Library, these rooms may be used by qualified groups and organizations as set forth in the following guidelines:

  1. Library sponsored activities are given priority in scheduling use of meeting rooms. Sufficient notice will be given to any group whose scheduled use of the room(s) conflicts with a Library sponsored activity.
  2. The Library reserves the right to move your group to another meeting room for space purposes or to cancel your meeting with timely notification due to scheduling conflicts, inclement weather or any other reasonable situation.
  3. Only non-profit groups can use meeting rooms. Any other group wishing to use the rooms must be approved by the Director.
  4. Any meeting held at the Library must be open to the public.
  5. Library meeting rooms may NOT be used for:
    • Commercial purposes, solicitation of business, or non-JCPL fundraising.
    • Political campainging on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for elected public office.
    • Any illegal or potentially hazardous activity.
    • Baby Showers
    • Birthday, retirement, or similar type parties.
  6. No fees can be charged and nothing can be sold. Training sessions for selling cannot be scheduled.
  7. Use of meeting rooms will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  8. Meeting room scheduling must follow these guidelines:
    • Meetings must be scheduled at least one week in advance by filling out the "Meeting Room Request Form", which is available at the circulation desk. The request form will then be reviewed and any dates that cannot be scheduled will be discussed with the filing organization or person.
    • If not rooms are in use and there is ample time before a scheduled meeting begins, Library staff may schedule a room for use on a walk-in, day-of basis.
    • If a group holds regular meetings (i.e. every first Monday, every Wednesday), they may apply for a one(1) years set of meetings at one time by filling out the "Meeting Room Request Form", which is available at the circulation desk, indicating the requested times for meetings, and submitting the form for review at least one week before the timing of the first meeting or any time during the currently scheduled meetings. The request will be reviewed and any dates that conflict with already scheduled meetings will be discussed with the filing organization. NOTE: The potentiality that a library event (which takes precedence over any other meeting) may still occur at any time is possible. In this case, the filling orgnaization's contact will be notified at least one(1) week prior to the event.
    • The Library will work to organize all Librayr related programs around pre-scheduled meetings, but given the nature library events there may be timesin which pre-scheduled meetings will need to be cancelled or moved to another room, at which time the Library will contact the listed contact person onthe request form at least one week prior to the meeting time.
    • NOTE: From the months of June through August the Library holds an annual Summer Reading Programs in which meeting rooms are used very frequently by the Library and there is a high chance that any pre-scheduled meetings will be cancelled or moved. Again, at least a one(1) week notice will be given to the contacts listed on the request forms for any conflicts.
  9. A group may schedule a single meeting 6-12 months in advance, but will not be able to schedule an indefinite number of meetings (i.e. every first Wednesday).
  10. If your group is not going to arrive for your meeting, please inform the library as early as possible so that the room can be rescheduled.
  11. Groups composed of minors (under eighteen (18) years of age) must have adult supervision and remain with their group.
  12. In reserving use of the meeting room, the person or organization making the reservation must take responsibility for the proper conduct of those attending and for leaving the room clean and in order.
  13. No group or organization may use the Jackson County Public Library logo or name in the promotion or advertising of their meeting without the Library Director's permission.
  14. No group or organization may list the address or name of the Library as its mailing address.
  15. The propping open of outside access doors is strictly prohibited and is a safety issue. Any person or organization found doing this will be asked to stop and will be asked to find another location for their meetings if the situation continues.
  16. The Library may attend any meetings held in its facilities to verify that no illegal activities are taking place on the Library's premises. Illegal activity will result in immediate eviction and denial of future use of the Library's meeting rooms by groups or individuals violating this policy.
  17. The Library assumes no liability for theft or damage to property brought onto Library property or for injuries, which occurs as a result of actions of sponsors or participants in activities in meeting rooms.
  18. For meetings scheduled outside of Library hours, the person making the reservation/picking up the key must fill out the “Receipt/Contract for Library Meeting Room Key” form. There is a $5.00 per day charge for each day that the key is returned after the agreed upon return date not to exceed seven (7) days, after which the responsible party will be responsible for the cost of locksmith fees to change the locks.
  19. No smoking, alcohol, or other substances on any Library property. Any smoking must not be within 20 feet of the building according to city ordinance.
  20. The Library does not endorse or support the beliefs or actions of any groups or individuals that use the meeting rooms.
  21. All groups are limited to the room that they have been assigned to during the reservation process. Kitchen facilities are available upon request. The refrigerator in the kitchen is not for long term use. Any items that need placed in the refrigerator may be brought in no more than twenty-four(24) hours in advance and must be promptly removed after the meeting occurs. Anything left in the refrigerator after a group leaves will be promptly disposed of.
  22. Library staff is not resonsible for setting up meeting rooms. Meeting rooms and restrooms are to be left in clean, undamaged condition, including the original positioning of all tables and chairs. Broom/dustpan is available for cleanup. If there is any trash to dispose of, please take the bags out behind the library and place in the dumpster located there.
  23. No open flames (i.e. candles) may be used inside the library or its meeting rooms.
  24. No attachments (i.e. posters, announcements, etc.) are allowed to be affixed to the interior or exterior surfaces of the library.
  25. Do not drag tables to move them, if they need moved please lift them so as not to damage the flooring. If additional chairs or tables are needed, please let the Library staff know. If chairs are stacked at the end of a meeting, please do not stack them more than seven (7) high.
  26. If the library is open, please inform the staff when the group is leaving and turn in the “Meeting Details” slip. If the library is closed, please either leave the slip in the room or place it in the outside book drop.
  27. No group is allowed to be loud or disruptive. Library staff will ask a group to leave if disruption or noise continues to be a problem.
  28. If there is any damage to meeting room or equipment which necessitates professional cleaning or repairs, the meeting applicant will be held responsible for all associated costs.
Ripley large meeting room: 50-60 people
Ripley small meeting room: 10-15 people
Ravenswood meeting room: 20-30 people