Each year, we compile a list of book challenge prompts to help get our readers out of their reading comfort zones, ruts, or slumps! Choose one book per month to read that you may not normally read, return your challenge to either branch, and be entered into a drawing for a chance to win something fun!


Reading Challenge 2022

Reading Challenge 2021


Check out the New Reading Challenge for Kids! After 2020, the Children’s Specialists at Ripley and Ravenswood decided the kiddos in our communities could use some fun with reading! This challenge is a kiddo version, so there are simpler kinds of book prompts to choose from, and feature a great selection of opportunities to awaken the reader in your child! If you have a kiddo that struggles to read, or hasn’t found their favorite kind of book yet, this may help! The same rules apply here as with the Adult Challenges!


Reading Challenge for Kids 2022

Reading Challenge for Kids 2021



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