Every Spring, we host our very own convention for nerds all over, but especially here in our community.

Last year, MiniCon was sadly canceled so that we could protect our community. This year, the theme is “From the Depths.” This theme will be centered around the darkest parts of the ocean and the far reaches of space. We have decided to aim to have MiniCon in August of 2021, but nothing is set in stone so far.

Check back often for further updates on our official schedule list, as well as other things you can look forward to doing while at our MiniCon!

If you are interested in helping with this program, but aren’t sure what you could do, click here to check out a list of donations we would love to get, or call us at (304) 372-5343 ext. 3 for other ways you could donate time. You should ask for Carla. 

2019 MiniCon photos!

2018 MiniCon photos!